Figure skating

Would you like to do some (recreational) skating?
Figure skating in the Randstad, in The Hague, is waiting for you!

We have members from 4 years to 60+! It’s never too late to start having fun on the ice.

Skating is not just a tremendous amount of fun, it’s superb for your condition, plus we also have a great community.

In case you’d like your child(ren) to come, we have several groups that they can join, depending on their level(s).

Our coaches speak English and some of them Russian as well(!). The groups are very international too, we have expats skating rounds happily at the Uithof every week, from all corners of the world!

Please hesitate no more, contact us via e-mail, or this contact form below!

    The lesson data for (after) summer season 2023/24 will be published soon.